Thursday, July 1, 2010


25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me. got it from fbook of course.

1. I fell off a treadmill my freshman year of college.
2. I love the smell of bus exhaust mixed with rain because it reminds me of London.
3. I got a gerbil when I was 4 and named it Diana after the only real princess I had ever heard of.
4. I love rereading Harry Potter and Wuthering Heights.
5. I've had a penpal in Latvia since 5th grade.
6. I love to write stores, but I don't share them with many people.
7. I have more pictures of my beagle Joey than of my friends or family.
8. I hate teeth... loose teeth, wiggling teeth, seeing teeth fall out, and I have nightmares about teeth fairly often.
9. I'm afraid of tsunamis and drowning in the ocean.
10. I lived in New Jersey for ten years when I was little.
11. I keep a dream journal.
12. I used to watch Gladiator whenever I was really sad.
13. I take great pleasure in the little things in life: walking around laguna or pb on a sunny day, holding hands, being cozy inside when it rains, finding the magazine i was looking for, a chai latte, etc.
14. I am more passionate, more crazy, and more vocal about the Lakers than most people you'll come across, including guys. For better or for worse, they have a palpable effect on my mood.
15. I will love a particular word simply because of the way it looks, or sounds, or means, and i will hate a particular word for the same reasons.
16. I can relate most things in life back to movies or tv shows.
17. I love getting mail.
18. I organize my movies by genre so when I feel like a particular type, I can pick it easily.
19. One of my goals in life is to travel to all the smallest countries in the world, Andorra being at the top of that list.
20. I own four Kobe jerseys (old #8, new #8, 24, Olympic), two MJ's (red and white), one Grant Hill (reversible teal and white), one Tom Brady and one Wes Welker.
21. Christmas season is my favorite time of year.
22. I love 'that's what she said' jokes.
23. Artichokes are my favorite vegetable.
24. Astrologically I'm a Cancer, which seems to fit my personality well.
25. I love the name Evan.

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