Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2: If you could trade places with a character from a book or movie who would it be and why?

I thought about this question as I fell asleep last night. It was a difficult one to answer mainly because I'm indecisive but also because I have so many favorite fictional characters! I thought about choosing Jo March from Little Women, whom I adore and wanted to be like when I was little, but in the end I settled on Emma Woodhouse, the titular character of Jane Austen's classic novel Emma and my favorite movie version starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

I like Emma because even though she becomes a bit meddlesome in her friends' romantic lives, she means well and only wants their happiness. Plus gossiping is always fun! Emma is also intelligent and relatively wealthy with an artistic ability I wish I possessed. I can definitely be sarcastic and a bit sharp at times, and Emma can be a wee bit... bitchy haha, which I think would be fun to be. Biting wit and all that, especially towards the irritating Eltons. And of course, there is Mr. Knightley... I would love to be Mrs. Knightley! He brings out all of Emma's good qualities and isn't afraid to tell her when she's wrong or being ridiculous. They are very well-suited for each other and plus he is quite dreamy!! Lastly, I love empire waist gowns and think they are terribly flattering. Between the dresses and the hairstyles with some nice dangly earrings, I think I could pull off Regency fashion just fine :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


I will be completely honest.... I forgot I had this blog! Haha I started it last year but it fell by the wayside once basketball and my Lakers blog/articles took over my life. I think I'd like to start updating it here and there though. My friend Lacey just started a blog and it is so adorable. I'm participating in her 31 Day Photo Challenge. Basically every day during July, she posts a prompt and you are supposed to answer it either with a photo, a story or both. They sound really fun! I'm going to try my best... my computer is broken at the moment, so on days when I'm not at work I might have to double up and post some a bit late.

There are a couple reasons that I think I've been unsuccessful at regular blogging. 1) I don't seem to have the discipline to stick to a schedule. That's a failing of mine that I need to work on. And 2) I'm not confident that my blog is cute enough or funny enough I guess... I read my friend's blogs and think they are SO adorable and clever and always wish mine could be like theirs. Well I am going to stop thinking and worrying so much and just DO. And hopefully it will turn out to be as happy, whimsical, random and charming as I want it to be ;)

31 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1

Ten Random Facts About Me
1. Whenever I watch Disney animated movies, I sing along.
2. I'm absolutely addicted to Coca Cola.
3. I keep a movie ticket journal and have every ticket stub since 2001.
4. In 6th grade I used to do my homework at Disneyland after school.
5. I collect Harry Potter books in foreign languages.
6. I fell off a treadmill in college.... twice.
7. Joey was the best and cutest beagle in the world, and I miss him like crazy.
8. I dressed up as a Hot Tamales box for Halloween in 4th grade.
9. I love the moon.
10. I wish I was more disciplined when it comes to writing stories.