Friday, July 1, 2011


I will be completely honest.... I forgot I had this blog! Haha I started it last year but it fell by the wayside once basketball and my Lakers blog/articles took over my life. I think I'd like to start updating it here and there though. My friend Lacey just started a blog and it is so adorable. I'm participating in her 31 Day Photo Challenge. Basically every day during July, she posts a prompt and you are supposed to answer it either with a photo, a story or both. They sound really fun! I'm going to try my best... my computer is broken at the moment, so on days when I'm not at work I might have to double up and post some a bit late.

There are a couple reasons that I think I've been unsuccessful at regular blogging. 1) I don't seem to have the discipline to stick to a schedule. That's a failing of mine that I need to work on. And 2) I'm not confident that my blog is cute enough or funny enough I guess... I read my friend's blogs and think they are SO adorable and clever and always wish mine could be like theirs. Well I am going to stop thinking and worrying so much and just DO. And hopefully it will turn out to be as happy, whimsical, random and charming as I want it to be ;)

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